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Laser Cataract Surgery


At Long Island Eye our cataract specialists are proud to offer patients the new standard in precision cataract surgery with the CATALYS® Precision Laser System. Using CATALYS, the doctors can provide a gentle, highly customized cataract procedure with precision not achievable with traditional manual techniques.

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What is CATALYS?

Developed by Silicon Valley-based OptiMedica Corp., CATALYS is a new FDA market cleared medical device that features a state-of-the-art laser, advanced 3D imaging, and many other innovative features that can bring numerous benefits to Long Island Eye patients.

How does it work and what are the steps?

Every eye has a unique size and shape. CATALYS’ advanced 3D imaging technology builds a 3D map of each eye and tailors the treatment to that map. This enables Long Island Eye surgeons to create a customized treatment plan that matches the uniqueness of each eye.

How does Catalys work?

Next, Long Island Eye surgeons use CATALYS to create a circular opening for accessing and removing the cataract. Clinical studies have shown that this opening is approximately Ten times more accurate when performed with CATALYS than what is achievable by hand. CATALYS then softens and breaks up the hard cataract into tiny pieces, allowing for gentler, easier cataract removal.

Cataract Surgery

What are the benefits of CATALYS?

Long Island Eye Surgical Care PC uses advanced cataract surgery technology to provide safe treatment with outstanding results. The CATALYS(R) Precision Laser and ORA System(R) serve two distinct and important purposes in helping patients overcome cataracts and regain clear vision. The CATALYS(R) Precision Laser allows us to provide highly accurate and predictable cataract removal. The ORA System(R) collects specific data that helps us recommend the best intraocular lens (IOL) to restore a patient's vision following surgery. These advanced tools help our doctors to provide cataract surgery with minimal risk and excellent results.


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