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LASIK Lifetime Commitment

At Long Island Eye Surgical Care PC , the quality of your vision is our top priority. We are not only devoted to providing personalized, comprehensive initial treatment, but also to following through with our patients’ post-treatment to ensure the integrity of results over the course of your lifetime. As a testament to our confidence in our treatments and commitment to our patients, we offer the Long Island Eye Surgical Care Lifetime Commitment, which promises all patients who receive LASIK surgery free, same-technology treatment, should the need for enhancement ever arise. When you trust your vision to our experienced surgeons, you’ll see the difference that our dedication can make.
What is the Long Island Eye Surgical Care Lifetime Commitment?

The Long Island Eye Surgical Care Lifetime Commitment is our promise of quality, dedication and professionalism to all of our LASIK surgery patients. We understand that your sense of vision is one of your most delicate and important assets, and we take every measure to ensure that you can enjoy clear, precise vision over your lifetime.

When you undergo LASIK surgery at Long Island Eye Surgical Care, you are securing your vision health for years to come. In the event that any type of enhancement is necessary following your procedure, our surgeons will provide follow-up, same-technology treatment at no cost to you. We take pride in the care that we provide, and want you to feel confident about your vision quality both during and after your laser procedure.
Who is eligible?

All patients who have undergone LASIK surgery with one of our Board Certified LASIK surgeons are able to take advantage of the Long Island Eye Surgical Care Lifetime Commitment. Following your post-operative regimen, however, is vital to the success of the LASIK procedure. In order to maintain eligibility for our Lifetime Commitment program, we ask that you attend all recommended post-operative appointments, and care for your vision by scheduling annual eye exams.

To Maintain Eligibility in the Long Island Eye Surgical Care Lifetime Commitment:

In addition to having an annual eye exam performed at Long Island Eye Surgical Care PC, touchups after the first year are free of surgical fees as long as:


While the vast majority of our laser vision correction patients are eligible for our lifetime program, exclusions apply in the following situations:

What if I need a Custom LASIK procedure?

Patients who require CustomVue™ LASIK or a variation of their original procedure are not entirely excluded from our Lifetime Commitment. We work to make LASIK surgery affordable and available to everyone. If you are a patient who has undergone traditional LASIK surgery and later require a more customized treatment, you will only be charged the difference between the current retail costs of both procedures.
How do I enroll?

Fortunately, no enrollment is required to take advantage of our Lifetime Commitment. Simply being a patient of Long Island Eye Surgical Care ensures that we are invested in your vision and will provide the high-caliber care that has become our standard, whenever necessary.


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