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LatisseLATISSE is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for hypotrichosis, which is when an individual has inadequate or insufficient lashes. We are pleased to offer this treatment, by prescription only, at Long Island Eye Surgical, P.C., to help you to grow real, voluminous, healthy lashes, allowing you to say goodbye to false lashes or piling on mascara!

Latisse is a new prescription product that helps your body to produce longer, darker, and thicker lashes. Created by Allergan, the same producer of Botox, Latisse stimulates the growth of the eyelash. Results are visible within eight to 16 weeks.

Latisse is applied once daily with the disposable applicator. Continued use of Latisse is recommended, as eyelashes can return to their previous state within one hair cycle of discontinued use. With regular applications along the lash line of the upper eyelid, Latisse encourages the growth of your own eyelashes!

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, a lipid compound derived from fatty acids that will bind to the prostaglandin receptors naturally present in the hair and involved with growth of the hair follicle.

Now, YOU too can grow longer, fuller, darker lashes. It’s not an illusion. It’s your own lashes, only better!


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