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“I had been contemplating having LASIK for years but was very nervous. I went to the seminar and learned about iLASIK. I made an appt with Dr Martin right then. The staff who performed the pre-operative testing were wonderful. Dr Martin was incredible, he took the time to answer my many questions. I met with Jennifer, my surgical coordinator, to schedule the surgery and she also answered many questions and is very warm, caring and funny! The surgery on 10/6 was quick and painless and the recovery was as well!! Jennifer even called that night to see how I was! I am overwhelmed with the clarity with which I see now. I went to my one week post-op visit with my laundry list of questions and even though Dr Martin sees a lot of patients, he took his time and answered each and everyone of those questions. They really do make you feel you are their only patient and treat you like a family and friend. I can’t thank you enough!!”

Leigh J.

“I was SO nervous before getting lasik! I had so many questions before my surgery, and Dr. Zweibel was really patient and understanding in answering every single one of them (and, trust me, there were a lot!). I am happy to say that despite my nerves, I decided to go ahead with LASIK, and I am thrilled that I did! It has been less than a month since the surgery, and my eyesight is perfect!”

Dana C.

“My vision couldn’t be better since having my LASIK procedure a few years ago. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see clearly and return back to my daily activities. Thank you so much Dr. Martin for your patience, hand holding and expertise throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this painless and easy procedure to anybody considering it. Having LASIK has truly been life changing for me.”


“I have wanted laser eye surgery since I got glasses in high school. Glasses and contacts were always such a pain, and I hated the costs that came with them. I researched many LASIK surgeons and scheduled a consultation with Dr Mauro. I was considered legally blind without my glasses or contacts, so going without them was not an option, ever. It was the best thing I ever did. I felt comfortable and confident in his knowledge and skills. His bedside manner is what I would want in every doctor. Now after the surgery I wake up every morning thinking what a miracle it is I can see clearly! Love it!”

Kristine M.

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