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PRK Surgery Long Island Eye Surgical Care, P.C. offers PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy), a laser eye surgery (LASIK alternative) suited for patients with refractive error who are not good candidates for LASIK vision correction. PRK uses the same type of excimer laser to reshape the cornea so that light may properly focus on the retina, and you can see clearly. In this procedure the surgeon uses a computerized excimer laser to reshape the cornea. The laser removes only a minimal layer of the cornea- approximately the thickness of 1 to 3 human hairs- so the completeness and strength of the cornea is retained.

The main drawback of the PRK is the outer part of the cornea- called the epithelium- is removed during the procedure, which can cause a longer healing time and some unease during the healing process. However, this procedure is sometimes still used for correcting mild nearsightedness. Because of this drawback with PRK, the newest form of surgery, LASIK is now the preferred procedure for laser vision correction.

PRK differs from LASIK vision correction in that it does not involve the creation of a flap to reshape the cornea. The advantage of PRK is that patients who are not candidates for LASIK may still regain better vision through refractive laser eye surgery. However, PRK does require a longer recovery process, and vision is not restored as quickly as LASIK vision correction. Also, a temporary, protective contact lens is worn after PRK to reduce postoperative discomfort.

For those patients that don't qualify for LASIK or other Laser refractive procedures due to having a highly nearsighted or farsighted prescription, and/or corneas that are too thin, we offer the option of premium lens implants with refractive lens exchange as well.

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